Explorer 5 – Preschool

Activity for children aged 5 years old

Program overview

Many five-year-olds enter preschool with a wealth of prior knowledge and experience. They bring with them skills and abilities that they have acquired through a variety of backgrounds, both within and outside of the home. This previous learning provides a foundation upon which the child can build as they engage in new experiences and opportunities for learning in the preschool setting.

Students will focus on strengthening their core mathematical skills for numbers 1-50. This includes number arrangement, additions, and subtractions. Students will start learning about human body parts, the function of senses, and the classification of animals, plants, and other living and non-living things. In a much broader scope, students will be exposed to the universal surroundings starting with the earth’s composition, the sun, moon, stars, and other planets that make up the universe.

As for Bahasa Malaysia, students will start on syllables, 2 syllables, and 3 syllables. They will focus on reading and understanding short sentences, and towards the end of the program, they will be trained to form short sentences using given keywords. The focus for this age group is to reinforce their reading, spelling, vocabulary, and understanding capability using the jolly phonics technic.

In conclusion, five-year-old children go through distinct learning stages as they progress through preschool. Although every child is unique, they all generalize and advance skills similarly. Developmental psychologists have identified different predictable milestones that young children achieve during the preschool years. Those who work with preschoolers can better understand each child’s development level by observing them and noticing which capabilities they have acquired and which ones they are still working on.

Program Focus

Fine motor skills
Creativity skills
Gross motor skills
Early mathematical concepts
Problem solving skills
Language and vocabulary skills

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