Rainbow 4 – Preschool

Activity for children aged 4 years old

Program overview

Most four-year-old children attend preschool, where they begin their early learning journey. Many exciting things happen during this time as they develop critical academic and social skills. Teachers play a vital role in helping them grow and learn, providing a supportive and nurturing environment that helps them thrive.

Students will be expanding their mathematical knowledge to double-digit numbers up to 20. They start with simple addition and subtraction of numbers from single to double-digit numbers. Students will also be exposed to the community surroundings like human occupation, types of transportation, the concept of sink and afloat, and many other valuable experiences. We will also emphasize our teaching on self-care, particularly awareness of nutritious food, basic hygiene, and a healthy lifestyle. They will also be taught acceptable manners like thank you, please, how are you. etc. Our goal is for physical and mental health to balance or function well together.

When kids are just 4 years old, they are already starting to learn and absorb new information at an incredible rate. In preschool, they begin to actively engage with their environment and explore different concepts and skills. Every day, they are learning something new and developing their own unique talents and abilities. It is truly amazing to watch them grow and learn!

Program Focus

Fine motor skills
Creativity skills
Gross motor skills
Early mathematical concepts
Problem solving skills
Language and vocabulary skills

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