Sunshine 3 – Preschool

Activity for children aged 3 years old

Program overview

Kids at this age are just beginning to learn how to socialise and interact with others in a preschool setting at three years old. It’s an exciting time for them as they start to figure out how the world works and learn new things daily. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore is essential to their learning process.

We will introduce writing for three-year-olds and start with pre-writing stroke exercises for students to recognise all the letter formation and identify sounds in words. We will teach pre-math concepts, e.g., bigger, smaller, shorter, taller, etc. They will then start learning the singular numbers. Activities like painting, tracing, matching, and colouring is used as a tool to keep them motivated. Our teachers will be using a lot of visuals for students to start on matching colours and shapes. The focus for this group is a basic introduction to numbers, letters, colours, shapes, etc. This is crucial to prepare them for more intense learning in the next class.

Three-year-old kids are full of energy and curiosity. They’re always exploring and trying new things. In preschool, they get to learn through play, and every day is filled with new adventures, like painting, singing, and building with blocks. They’re always moving and growing!

Program Focus

Fine motor skills
Creativity skills
Gross motor skills
Early mathematical concepts
Problem solving skills
Language and vocabulary skills

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