Voyager 6 – Preschool

Activity for children aged 6 years old

Program overview

6 years old is a very special time for kids. They are just starting to learn about the world around them and how they fit into it. Preschool is a time when kids learn through play. They explore and experiment with new things. It’s a time of excitement and discovery.

The year will start with the revision of simple addition and subtraction, and as they progress, the students will begin using word problems for additions and subtraction. This will endorse their understanding of the above mathematical concept. At this age, We will also introduce them to the concept of money, length, mass, volume, etc.

Students will also be encouraged to conduct science experiments as part of their skill development, for example mixing primary colours to get a secondary colour.

Bahasa Malaysia syllabus will be more intense at this age as they will be learning to read and understand short stories and re-write them in their word, understanding the stories. Without a doubt, our six-year-old is the most crucial age group as this is the end of the pre-primary learnings for these students.

Our program is based on Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK), which solely aims to prepare preschool students for the formal learning years in primary school.

Kids who attend preschool have a head start on their education. They are more likely to perform better in school and have an easier time making friends. By learning our preschool program, six-year-old children will also benefit from a structured environment where they can learn to follow rules and routines.

Program Focus

Fine motor skills
Creativity skills
Gross motor skills
Early mathematical concepts
Problem solving skills
Language and vocabulary skills

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