Our Commitment as a Licensed Preschool and Childcare Centre

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The Advantages of Choosing JKMWPKL Licensed Childcare at Little Playhouse Centres


For working parents in Kuala Lumpur, finding the right childcare is a decision that resonates deeply with concerns for safety, development, and well-being. At the heart of this decision is the assurance that comes from choosing a JKMWPKL (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur) licensed childcare centre. Little Playhouse Centres stand out as prime examples of this assurance, offering an environment where children are not just cared for but are nurtured to grow and thrive.

What Does JKMWPKL Licensed Childcare Mean at Little Playhouse?

Little Playhouse Centres, fully licensed by JKMWPKL, embody the highest standards in childcare. These centres have passed rigorous evaluations in safety, hygiene, educational content, and staff qualifications, ensuring that your child is in the best hands. This contrasts sharply with unlicensed facilities, where such standards are not guaranteed.

The Risks of Unlicensed Childcare

In unlicensed facilities across Kuala Lumpur, there are risks ranging from inadequate safety measures to unqualified staff. Little Playhouse Centres, with their JKMWPKL licensing, eliminate these concerns, providing a secure and nurturing environment that unlicensed centres cannot match.

Safety and Security in Licensed Childcare

Safety is paramount at Little Playhouse Centres. With JKMWPKL licensing comes a commitment to stringent safety protocols, well-maintained facilities, and staff trained in emergency response and first aid. Parents can rest assured that their children are in a secure and caring environment.

The Downside of Cutting Corners

Unlicensed centres may not provide the structured learning that is crucial for early childhood development. At Little Playhouse Centres, however, children benefit from a curriculum that promotes language, social skills, and motor development, ensuring a well-rounded early education.

Ensuring a Standard of Care at Little Playhouse

Licensed by JKMWPKL, Little Playhouse Centres maintain a high standard of care and education. The centres offer a balanced curriculum that supports holistic development, preparing children for their future academic and social journeys.

The Community and Cultural Aspect at Little Playhouse

In the diverse landscape of Kuala Lumpur, Little Playhouse Centres shine with their inclusive approach. The centres embrace Malaysia’s cultural diversity, offering programs that respect and celebrate this richness, which is especially crucial in a city as diverse as Kuala Lumpur.

Commitment to Excellence at Little Playhouse Centres

At Little Playhouse, we place paramount importance on ensuring that all our centres are fully licensed by JKMWPKL. This licensing is more than a mere compliance for us; it’s a reflection of our dedication to providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for your child. Our centres are staffed with qualified professionals who are passionate about early childhood education, and we take pride in not just meeting but often exceeding the regulatory standards set by JKMWPKL. Choosing Little Playhouse means entrusting your child to a centre where their safety, development, and happiness are our top priorities.


Selecting a JKMWPKL licensed childcare centre is crucial, and Little Playhouse Centres in Kuala Lumpur are exemplary in this regard. They offer the safety, education, and nurturing environment that every child deserves. For parents in Kuala Lumpur, choosing Little Playhouse is a decision that ensures your child’s well-being and sets them on a path to a bright and successful future.