Our Curriculum


We have developed a unique Montessori curriculum; our teachers have been trained to apply a thematic approach towards educating the children by combining the use of Montessori materials in the learning process. Our educational activities include a lot of reading and writing exercises which start at the age of 4 years. Our primary focus is directed at enhancing play learning opportunities and self-education through a guided stimulated curiosity.

The children will be guided during the learning process through phonics; we use learning materials such as flash cards and Book 1- Peter and Jane at these learning stages. We have specially developed our introduction to mathematics with the primary objective of introducing and familiarizing the children with numbers regarding identifying and writing numbers.

 Have a look at the six (6) key educational areas we have structured to enhance the learning capacity of your children:

·       Language, Communication & Early Literature

·       Introduction to the Senses & Understanding nature 

·       Guided learning & creativity

·       Early Mathematics and logical thinking

·       Socio-emotional & spiritual education

·       Physical activities

Our lesson plans have been developed to include extensive areas regarding Multiple Intelligence stimulants and exposure to Sensory perceptions. However, considering the young age of the children, they may not be able to comprehend these ideas, but an early introduction to these education aspects will be crucial to building a better foundation for higher learning in the future.

We have classified the areas under Multiple Intelligence as follows:

  •      Musicals / Rhythmic: Sound
  •      Visual / Spatial: Sight
  •      Body Kinesthetic: Movement, Motor Skills
  •      Natural: Environmental
  •     Intrapersonal (Self): Discovering of oneself
  •     Interpersonal (Social): Socializing
  •     Verbal / Linguistic: Reading, Speaking
  •     Logical / Math: Problem Solving



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