Our Mission


Our Mission

We seek to continually improve our early childcare learning institution by using the most effective methods of educational assessments, learning and play to stimulate the young minds of our students. We aim to ensure that every child who goes through our Montessori educational system has the leverage to remain outstanding, curious and exceptional in their educational pursuits at higher learning institutions.

Join Our Big Family

At Little Playhouse, we pride ourselves as a big family. Our team which includes the administrative staff, minders and child support staff have been specially trained in the area of child education.

We welcome young children from the age of 2 months to 6 years old. This is an important age bracket and children in this age range need the very best educational support and guidance to lay a solid foundation for higher education. We at Little Playhouse are honored to contribute to the development of your children.

The following information includes our educational packages and the corresponding age brackets.

Public Holidays

Our regular operational timetable is from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, regarding public holidays, we observe the general Malaysian public holidays. The structure for observing these holidays is as follows:

* In the event of a public holiday declaration on a Saturday by the government, we will observe the break on the Friday before the Saturday.

* During the Eid Fitr, all Little Playhouse centers will be closed for a week-long break.

* For the Christmas Celebrations, we will be closed after Christmas till the New Year.

We, however, run an independent educational system which allows our centers to remain functional even during school breaks. 

Caring For Our Children

In the following paragraphs, we will be highlighting special features that we have included in our educational system to cater for every child’s needs independently.

Feeding the Children Every Little Playhouse center is equipped with a standard kitchen where meals are prepared under strict hygienic conditions by professional chefs. We provide 3 nutritionally balanced meals daily; however, parents of children below 15 months are encouraged to provide purees (mashed baby food) for your children.

Learning at Little Playhouse

We aim to begin an early stimulation of your children’s minds, under our care we will ensure that every child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, and all efforts will be made to ensure a successful elimination of any weaknesses while improving on strengths.

We begin our learning program for children aged 2 years and above. This means children between 2 months to 24 months will be enrolled in the daycare &playgroup section.

Communicating with the Children

Our primary mode of communication for instructions and during the learning program is the English Language. And we have included the Bahasa Malaysia in our learning syllabus; we are however yet to include Mandarin in our educational program.

 Let us introduce our learning groups. They are as follows:

·       Bumblebee 2,

·       Sunshine 3,

·       Rainbow 4,

·       Explorer 5,

·       Voyager 6.

The following breakdown illustrates the teacher to student ration in each of our classes:

The ratio For toddler group (15mo to 24mo), while for pre-school we have 1:5, it is 1: 8 for Sunshine 3 group, and 1:10 for Rainbow 4, Explorer 5 & Voyager 6 groups.

Our specialized curriculum for each group is focused on professionally introducing the children to the alphabets, numbers, and phonics. As the children get older, they progress to higher levels in the curriculum. Our goal is that at the last stage, every child will know how to read and write properly, with minimal guidance.


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